"points" (for 8 channel tape)
2016 "tonspuren" / MQ vienna

"leblos" (prepared piano) nr:12 from CD "im sturm"


"crush 1-5" (orchestra, organ and electronics)
2013 munich / festival musica viva
orchestra bayerischer rundfunk / peter rundel
released: NEOS music

"out of time" (orchestra, organ and electronics)
2012 musikverein vienna
orf symphony orchestra / cornelius meister

"inwendig losgelöst" (barock orchestra, ensemble and electronics)
freiburger barockorchester, ensemble recherche, experimentalstudio freiburg, lucas vis
2006 donaueschinger musiktage
released: label NEOS 10726

(23 minutes)

„coloured noise“ (23 musicians, organ and electronics)
klangforum vienna / peter rundel
2005 concerthouse vienna / "wien modern"
released: label kairos


"music for checking e-mails"
(tape music)
2009 / released: COL LEGNO


"networds_14" / wdr köln 2013 / musikfabrik / clement power

"little smile" donaueschingen / musikfabrik köln / enno poppe / released: NEOS music

"organum" / karlsruhe 2015 / 8 organs via satellite / SWR


with georg nigl / released: COL LEGNO

nr:8 with birgit minichmayr / released: COL LEGNO

17 "close your eyes" with birgit minichmayr / georg nigl / released: COL LEGNO

"12 leblos" / piano solo / released: COL LEGNO

IM STURM with georg nigl
(11 songs for bariton electronics and prep. piano)
free after franz schubert
2005 commissioned by klangspuren schwaz
released: COL LEGNO


"stop playing" / released: col legno

„the four seasons“ 1995 with hozan yamamoto
shakuhachi and organ)
unreleased version!


"carbon copy" / live with erdem tunakan

"call boys inc 02" / live CD-production / with klaus dickbauer, guenther selichar, gunter schneider / released: moers music

"radio fractal/beat music" live at donaueschingen / released: hat hut records

"box blocks" / 2012 live at porgy&bess vienna
with marc ducret, herbert pirker, callrider
released: col legno


"massacre" / nora petročenko, elizabeth calleo, valérie philippin, jean-paul bonnevalle, lionel peintre
remix ensemble, peter rundel
2008 live recording: théâtre de saint-quentin-en-yvelines / paris / by dominique bataille
joint production: T&M-paris, casa da música, festival musica strasbourg
released: col legno


"waldmusik" / live at "wegelate säge"
(dialect speaker, soprano, 15 chopping boards, 3 woodmen, 8-channel-tape)
1994 / kulturwiese innervillgraten

"turmbau zu babel" / live at soccer stadion linz
(4200 singer, 16 speaker, 22 drums, 8 trp, 16 hr, 16 tromb, 8 tba, 8-channel-tape)
1993 festival der regionen


only for studies with the score!

"scan 1"
/ sibelius simulaition with click
( / 1.1.1. / 2 perc / pno / / electronics)
commissioned by klangforum vienna

"damstadt x" / sibelius simulaition with click
(fl, 2 ob, 2 clar, bsn, 2 hr, trp, tromb, tba, 2 perc, pno, 2 vl, 2 vla, vc, db / electronics)
remix of overture in D major TWV 55: D15
commissioned by casa da musica porto